GenVM - Defaults values

This page describe default values used by “Genvm”.

  • Architecture (-a): same as hote where “Genvm” is runing.
  • Bootloader (-b): default bootloader is Grub2.
  • Config file (-c): some defaults config could be fix on config file. By default, “Genvm” search config file named as itself in home directory or on /etc/. If “-c” is specified, it overwrite all other.
  • Debug mode (-D): off.
  • Image format (-f): default VMDK, to be used by most common hypervisors.
  • Kernel version (-k): default value depend off architecture. On 64b version, kernel “linux-image-amd64” is used, on 32b, “linux-image-686-pae” is preferred.
  • Virtual Machine name (-n): same as hote name.
  • Default temporary directory (-o): /tmp.
  • Root password (-p): by default asked to user, if “-p” isn’t defined.
  • Partition schema (-P): by default, “Genvm” create a single partition formated in ext4.
  • Image size (-s): default 5G.
  • Server (-S): default server to download packages
  • Verbose mode (-v): disable.
  • Debian version (-V): current stable.

debootstrap is used to generate a minbase debian on your system.

To obtain a minimal machine, all package installed with “Genvm” use a “NoRecommends” options of apt-get.